«face-off (or faceoff) is the method used to begin
play in ice hockey and some other sports»          
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Hockey - one of the most beautiful and challenging sport.
It needs the power and agility, quickness of reaction, ability to instantly
assess the situation, and much more. Likely that it attracts fans who can
appreciate the complexity and beauty of this team play.

Hockey as an independent game originated in Canada in 60 years of the XIX century. Originally it was just one of the options Hockey Band (popular games on a small field with few players and flat disk instead of a ball). But already in 1879 there were separate rules for ice hockey, and in 1890 in Canada and the United States began to conduct the first regular tournament on hockey. The first "official" game was held on March 3, 1875 in Montreal, at the outdoor skating rink "Victoria" with the participation of local university students.

In the early twentieth century, ice hockey has achieved recognition and popularity in Europe. In 1908 was established the International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF. In 1910 he hosted the first European Championships in ice hockey. In the New World in the meantime (in 1914) was founded by the National Hockey League - NHL. It brought together the best hockey clubs of Canada and the USA. In 1909 he hosted the first international hockey tournament, but after 10 years of hockey first came in the Olympic Games. So there was a world championship ice hockey team - sporting event, bringing together the Old and New World.

World Championship Ice Hockey - one of the oldest sporting events. His story begins in 1920. First competition hockey included in the Olympics and held every 4 years, but in 1930 it became an annual event. Ice Hockey World Championship was not carried out only in the years 1940-1946., During the Second World War.

Prerequisite for the conduct of world championship was the participation of at least one non-European country. Most often, this match won Russia (Soviet Union) and Canada, though not what our team has become involved in world competitions in hockey only in 1950, and Canadians in general have not participated in the championship from 1970 to 1976. System of the World Hockey Championship more than once changed. Championship was played on the Olympic and circular formulas as well as various miscellaneous options, including one adopted in the present.

In 2009, the world ice hockey tournament held in Switzerland. Until then, Switzerland has taken the world hockey championship in 1998. For a respectable European country World Championship - 2009 was a grand sporting event. The competition was attended by 16 teams from different countries - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Czech Republic, Hungary, Belarus, and, of course, Canada and Russia! The match took place on the most modern ice rinks, which are fully consistent with international standards. Championship matches were held in two cities - the Swiss capital Bern and the city Klotene in the canton of Zurich. Both cities are ideal environment for the tournament of this magnitude. Distance between cities can be overcome and a half hours. In Klotene played teams of groups A and D, in Bern - teams from Groups B and C. In Switzerland in 2009 came to 500,000 fans from different countries and watched the World Championship - 2009 on TV, about 600 million fans. But it is impossible to feel that drive on television; drive reigns in the stadium.

In 2010, the German cities of Cologne, Mannheim and Gelsenkirchen, passed 74-th World Championship in ice hockey. Matches were held in Lanxess Arena in Cologne and manngeymskoy SAP-Arena. Championship opening match took place in Gelsenkirchen on Feltins Arena.

Participating countries were allocated into four groups, a preliminary stage. Teams that are included in groups A and D, were carried out matches the preliminary stage in Cologne, B and C - in Mannheim. Championship - 2010 was won by Czech team.

World Cup 2010 in Germany was marked by record attendance in three separate matches in the history of world championships, two of which were associated with the Russian team. Thus, meeting the Russians and Slovaks at the preliminary stage, which was attended by 18,522 amateur hockey, has set a new attendance record for the medal round games are not without the participation of country team tournament hostess.

The final game of team Russia and the Czech Republic attracted an audience of 19,000 fans and 132 become the most visited World Cup final.

But the most impressive record was set in the opening match of the football stadium Feltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen, where the opposition team of Germany and the United States attracted to the podium 77 000 803 people. This match is currently the most attended hockey game in history.

Hockey - a dynamic, entertaining game where you have to be in the epicenter of events. Spirit of competition, the excitement of competition - all this can be felt once you are directly in the arena.

Hockey History

Information about the sources of hockey is very contradictory. However, historians argue that the prototype of ice hockey were different kinds of games on the grass, whose history goes back to the days of ancient Greece.

The ancient Greeks depicted their players on the bas-relief wall of Themistocles. And the word "hockey" comes from an old French word "hoke" (shepherd's hook sticks). The first description of hockey (although, as you know, on the grass) refers to 1330 was described hockey in its primitive form, in an ancient Italian manuscript.

But two centuries later, hockey, and it was on the ice, appeared in the Netherlands. Confirmation of this fact is found in the subjects of paintings by famous artists painted in the XVII century. The biggest interest is Romeiko Huge painting "Portrait of a hockey player." Since then, Holland has been widely distributed skating, it contributed to the birth of ice hockey.

At the end of the XVII and XVIII century Europe, stirred permanent war, so the interest in hockey has declined. But in the second half of the XIX century, this game has again become popular. In this case, the most widely used hockey "bandy" (hockey), especially in England. In 1860 in Canada was sent to British infantry regiment in which there were players in hockey "bandy." And on Sundays and holidays the British organized hockey games. And Canadians will soon fell in love with a stranger while for them to play. Soon hockey was included in the all university sports events in Canada. In 1886, F. Smith created the official game rules, and in the same year the city of Kingston, was played the first official match between the Military College in Kingston and the University of Montreal.

Canadians are so fond of hockey and that the country began to form clubs, cultivating hockey, and in 1890 created Hockey Association of Canada, which united them. In 1900 these clubs were over sixty. In 1883, the Governor of Canada, Lord Stanley Preston establish the Stanley Cup, ie, the prize for the winner of Canada's hockey championship.

At the beginning of XX century, football began to conquer the whole of Europe. Its spread facilitated by the fact that the game is played on a relatively small rinks. And with the development of refrigeration equipment covered rollers are built everywhere, including in countries with warm climates. At the beginning of XX century, the development of hockey in many countries has reached such proportions that an international organization - the NHL. After hockey tournament have been held all over the world, entered the Olympic program, began to arrange the World Hockey Championship.

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