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The following is targeted primarily at league managers and league administrators; however, anyone else may also benefit from this to help understand this process.

If you are a league manager or league administrator you will need to complete a few easy steps to setup your league so all your teams and players could start using it. We strongly recommend that you setup your league in advance, before the season starts (although you can do at any point of time in the future). Remember that this is an absolutely free setup; faceoffbook.net does not charge you for anything.

In order for us to find out about your league we will need you to fill out a form that you can find in the same location you found the link to this document; the form is titled "League Lead Request". The more information you provide, the better we will be able to understand your needs. Once we receive your application, we will register you and your league in our system and send you e-mail confirmation with the user name you selected and temporary password that you will be able to change later.

After you receive our email you can go to www.faceoffbook.net and login with your credentials as a league administrator. From this point you can setup your league using the "Management" menu options on the left. Please follow the required steps in the order recommend below.

Required Steps

  • Using the "Divisions" menu enter all your divisions. It is required to have at least one division per league. Even if you don't have any, please create one (for instance: MainDiv) so you can relate your teams to this division later.
  • Using the "Teams" menu enter all your teams. You can have as many teams as you like. Please note that when you enter a team name in the system we generate a public url (website address name) for your team so it can be accessed directly from the browser. For example, if your team's name is "My Best Team", we will create something like "my_best_team" so anyone will be able to see your team's home page by going to "www.faceoffbook.net/team/my_best_team". This also applies to your league as well, so your league home page will be located at "www.faceoffbook.net/league/my_league_name".
  • Once you setup your divisions and teams you can go ahead and create a season for your league by going to the "Seasons & Payments" menu. The "Teams Target Amount" field is required, but you can just enter 0 (zero) if you do not wish to track season payments.
  • Using the "Game Schedule" menu you may enter a schedule for the season days. You will be able to change it at any point in the future. Those are a required step that you will have to complete in order to take the full advantage of our system. We can also help setup your league if you provide a complete list of information about your divisions, teams, season dates, and schedule in any format you like. You can also scan your league season schedule paper and attach it with your email and we will do our best to set it up for you. Please send it to us at [email protected]

Optional Steps

  • You can track the game in real time using "Real-Time Game Log" menu or as an alternative you can enter the results later using the "shortcut" menu item "Post-Game Result". The "Real-Time Game Log" will give you and all your league members more details about the game and statistics in the future.
  • You may be requested to setup a team leader for one or all of your teams. Use the "Team Leader" menu to choose a leader for your team. The team leader will be able to pick players from the existing site members, maintain the team public website, and communicate with team players. Please note that when a member becomes a team player at the moment of their registration and selection of their league/team (if they exist). Team leaders can assign members to the team later as well as remove players from the team.
  • You can also assign members to the team using the "Players" menu, but be aware that if a team has a leader with the same rights, you may overwrite the team leader's setup so please be careful and coordinate your actions with the team leader.
  • You also have the ability to maintain the public league page, enter events and announcements, tournaments notes, and photo gallery.
  • To communicate with your league members you can use the "Send E-mail" menu to e-mail the entire league, selected teams, or one individual player. You can also use our chat feature and set it up for the entire league, team, or one player to chat.

For more information, you can also check our frequently asked questions for any particular topic you are interesting in. If you have any questions please ask us by sending us an e-mail to [email protected] Furthermore, if you have any suggestions or comments please leave it on our feedback page.

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